BLA, BLA, BLA.. Before Dj Awards in Ocean Drive Hotel Ibiza.

We are waiting for the nominated artists, its getting late and many of them have not arrived yet, because some of them are working at the popular Monday night Circo Loco party at DC10.

In the meantime we must say that both the hostesses and service has been great and super friendly , we will enjoy one of the many combinations that Grey Goose vodka offers tonight at the Dj Awards.

Taking this opportunity to speak with well known artists like 2 Vilas, Anna , and Anna Tur of Ibiza Global Radio and TV stations take charge of doing interviews on the stage as all the nominees arrive,and we see this coming Mihalis Safras, followed by The Martinez Brothers and some of the nominees tonight.

We take a break with an Icon of the island of Ibiza and related music and more,Fernando Link, a character in the Ibiza night scene, in music and fashion and friend of many years.

Fernando Link, Music and Fashion are related to each other?

Yes, I am promoting different events in Ibiza in all of them there is a dj representing music and always accompanied by fashion or art, it depends on the event and place.

Give us your opinion on this fashionable long shirts look of most DJs in recent years?

I think trying to tell us something and at the same time identify with a current trend started back in the day day by one of them with important influence within the music industry which others have followed, but if you look already this style has reached the mainstream shops.

Fernando, Give us a forecast on that dj in new talent think is going to take the criptonica this year?

Well it is difficult, as there are different tastes among fans and will be very tough but I will give my prediction on a personal level, I see two very well positioned 2 Vilas, but let's see?

Fernando, ending what are your next targets in Ibiza?

In principle we will continue with the Test Socialize event where everyone is seated at a large table know and discuss their ideas and as always we have the presence of a DJ, a saxophone or even a Vocalist. Its a weekly event at the popular Restaurant La Cava de Ibiza. I have also a new project in mind Café Concert, which is taking shape shape and also some electronic music parties with DJs residents from the island. Fernando pleasure and thank you for your time, enjoy this event Dj. Awards, this year called "Lets Dance"

See you soon friends.