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Little history from your beginnings to today ….
Hi readers of Magxibz, we are Carlos Vila and Hector Avila, 2 guys that after having the same tastes and a twist of fate, 8 years ago, just putting music together to create our first after party in Ibiza, we feel that we glued musically and we created 2Vilas. We were 2 guys who love music, and we started to get together to create, gradually learning every day.

What is your source of musical inspiration?
The truth is that we have a quite extensive source of inspiration, because our music does not have a set stylel, both as djs or producers. We have influences of 90’s house, since we grew up with that music, Todd Terry, Kenny Dope , Dj Sneak etc … but also love and feel the influence of techno, which we soaked up much and admire artist like Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo, Raresh
What is your dynamic for B2B sets and producing?
From the first day we got together in the studio or the dj booth, we feel we are one, only with 4 hands …. Many times during our set, we don’t talk, or we sit for hours and study, each with its own inspiration. Everything flows … we feel very comfortable working with each other.
What is your opinion on the future of music and technology?
We think it is great that all the new technology is coming out, although we are like our old ways … We use almost all vinyl in our sets, and in our studio, all the machines are old, we like to work with all analog.
Representing the icon for you as dj_productores Ibiza?
For us, ibiza is our home, this is where we have always been, Hector from Ibiza and therefore he has it inside. Carlos is from Mallorca, but has spent many years living in ibiza. Our whole life is here, and all our passion for music comes from across this island.